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Take a free no obligation consultation with me at your computer, during which time, using live examples on the internet, I will demonstrate exactly what is needed for your website to be successful. I will show you exactly what I am able to offer you through my personalised service and I will explain why I take many extra steps to ensure that your website is designed, registered and optimised down to the smallest detail.


Unfortunately, unavoidable and unforeseen disasters can occur. Though these types of disasters are extremely rare, What if the hosting company goes out of business and all your online files are lost? What if the website designers computer crashes? etc.

Every time I develop or make changes to your website, a back-up copy of all the files is stored on a portable external hard-drive. Once your website has been published to the internet and all the tests have been carried out, I supply you with a CD-rom containing a copy of all your files.

Any following developments or amendments falling under the category of website maintenance are also backed-up on an external hard-drive.


If you are foreigner selling a product or a service in France, regardless of whether you live in the country or not, then it is assumed that you are also selling to the french public. Therefore, you have a legal obligation to have a french version of all your advertising, including your website.

The Toubon Law (LOI no 94-655 of 4 August 1994 relating to usage of the French language) is a law of the French government mandating the use of the French language in official government publications, all advertisements (including websites), all workplaces, in commercial contracts, in all government-financed schools, and some other commercial communication contexts.

Domain Names and Hosting

Every Website Needs an Address and a Place to Live

No website in the world will work unless it has a domain name (your unique URL address) and some space (hosting) on the internet.

Domain names and hosting package prices vary considerably from free to a few hundred pounds a year. For your medium to large-sized business needs you should be looking for something in between. Ideally you want:

a memorable domain name that your visitors will remember
good quality hosting with minimum downtime

Domain Names

Domain names and hosting are usually arranged together at the same time, though they can be bought seperately. If you are having a new website from scratch and do not have a domain name, I can arrange all that for you.

Your choice of domain name is important though it does not eliminate the need for good optimisation. A good domain name should not be too long and should be memorable and, if possible, contain a couple of your main keywords. Unless your name is well known, a potential client doing a search for a "gardener in charente" wouldn't stand a chance of finding "", but may easily find "" near the top of the search engine results.

If you wish, I will conduct a domain name search and select a few of the best and most appropriate names for you to choose from, preferably using a couple of keywords.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is the space you rent to store all your files so that your visitors can view your website. As with everything else in website design, there are lots of options available for hosting your website, from free and cheap hosting to dedicated servers.

When arranging your own hosting, you will need to do some technical configuration on the server and upload all your folders, files and images, normally one at a time.

Free/Basic Hosting ~ The Street Gang

Free hosting is similar to joining a very large street gang and the search engines do not rank them highly. Free hosting is frequently used by free DIY website software packages and amateur designers offering cheap websites. Your site is stored on a huge server and grouped with hundreds of other unknown sites and there is often a danger of reputation by association. One or two bad sites that are penalised by the search engines can have a negative effect on all the websites on the server. The sheer volume of information on these types of servers can cause untold problems ~ attracting hackers, lots of server downtime, generating tons of spam, a high virus risk, etc.

Dedicated Servers ~ The Billionaire

Dedicated servers are expensive from around €75 per month. They sound great as they offer unlimited server space, virtually zero downtime, total security and total control of the content allowed on the server.

For general business needs, a dedicated server is expensive and unnecessary. Only large corporations or cheap website design companies hosting a large number of websites together are going to need the amount of space offered by a dedicated server.

Paid Hosting Packages ~ The Clubs

Safe and secure hosting packages are available in numerous specifications each allocating you different limits on space, speed, etc. A limited capacity space on a server for your first small hobby website will only cost around €3 - €7 but is not recommended if you plan to expand your website in the near future. At the other end of the scale are the larger premium packages allowing you the capacity to upload anything between 1-10 websites under different domains and sub-domains and these can cost you anything between €15 to €30 per month, give or take.

Hosting with Sites Web ~ The Exclusive Club

I arrange all my client hosting (and my own) through an established and reputable British hosting company. I use a premium package on which your website will be one of no more than five client domain names and websites together. There is more than enough capacity to meet all medium to large-sized business requirements both now and in the future.

For hosting prices see my FAQ page How Much Will My Website Cost?

Domain Names and Hosting for French Websites

If you have a french website or a translation of your web pages in french it does not mean that purchasing a .fr domain name or arranging your server space with a french hosting company will help your website in the search eangines. I use .com for all my websites as it is well-supported, popular with all the search engines and is recognised globally.

Though you have a legal obligation to have a french version of all your advertising if you are based in France, it is not a legal requirement to use a french company for your website hosting. Your hosting company is best chosen for their reputation, their ability to resolve any technical problems and their downtime, rather than their location.

If you would like a free no obligation consultation regarding any element of website design or a free SEO analysis of your current website or if you just have a question or would like to leave some feedback please do not hesitate to   e-mail me    comment on my blog   or give me a ring on 0555 08 48 89.