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Around 90% of the hundreds of websites that I have analysed recently have poor optimisation, with around 50% having almost zero, whether in the content or within the code.

If you think your current website is not achieving a good position in the search engine results then your search engine optimisation, or lack of it, is likely to be the cause.

If you would like an online analysis of your search engine optimisation please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.


The way in which search engine spiders, crawlers and robots read and index websites is about to undergo a major technological change with the introduction of Schema and the standardisation of Microdata Language and Schema Vocabulary.

Research suggests that eventually most of the search engine results will be based on the Microdata Language within a website and this will be taken into consideration and implemented wherever possible in any new Sites Web websites. Until then, despite rumours stating otherwise, optimisation of meta tags, content and links are still very important to the success of your website and will be for quite a long time to come.


If you are foreigner selling a product or a service in France, regardless of whether you live in the country or not, then it is assumed that you are also selling to the french public. Therefore, you have a legal obligation to have a french version of all your advertising, including your website.

The Toubon Law (LOI no 94-655 of 4 August 1994 relating to usage of the French language) is a law of the French government mandating the use of the French language in official government publications, all advertisements (including websites), all workplaces, in commercial contracts, in all government-financed schools, and some other commercial communication contexts.

Search Engine Optimisation ~ SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is Essential

No matter how eye-catching, interesting and user-friendly it is, your website will never be found without effective SEO. Visitors are far too impatient to trawl past the first couple of pages of results. The success of your website and your business depends on potential customers finding you. Therefore, your website needs to achieve a high position with all the major search engines, ideally at the top of or high up on the first page.

Every reasonable technique is employed to ensure your website is fully optimised for all the search engines down to the smallest details. From design planning to your finished website all the essential elements are taken into consideration:

keyword rich coding and meta tags
keyword rich and relevant content
internal and external links
load speed and performance
separate optimisation of french web pages

Optimisation in Detail

Search engine optimisation is a field that is constantly changing, that can be very complicated and time-consuming and is an area with alot of debate on which aspects are the most important, e.g. keywords or content. Nobody knows for sure how google ranks a website and large international corporations employ teams of experts dedicated to just this subject. With the increasing numbers of free template design packages, many rumours are now circulating in the cheap end of website design that search engine optimisation is no longer as important or not necessary. This is a fallacy and it is still essential to optimise for all search engine requirements, not just google.

Whilst it is easy to imagine a team of people at Google or Yahoo reviewing websites and deciding where to place them in the search results, search engines are in fact computer programs that do not see colours, graphic images or photographs. Search engine robots, spiders and crawlers only read code and text. However, search engines do differ and attach varying levels of importance to the code and text used in your website. It is believed that Google prefers keyword rich relevant content whilst some search engines attach greater importance to keyword rich code and meta tags. Other search engines give more value to internal and external links. What one search engine classes as important, another search engine may totally disregard. From the designer's angle, whilst it is tempting for many to focus solely on google, it is essential to consider and optimise for other popular search engines too. That is why I thoroughly optimise your website from top to bottom taking all major search engines into consideration.

Every website needs at least basic optimisation and the amount of SEO that you need will depend more on the amount of competition in your area of business and your locality than on the search engines themselves.

Most medium-sized websites will not need days and days of research and keyword density analysis by a professional company; a good website designer will know what logic and good coding techniques to apply to achieve successful results for your website. For instance, a website offering an unusual craft workshop in a local area will require less optimisation than a site privately advertising a house for sale which is competing with thousands of international and local agents.

If you have any questions regarding the importance of search engine optimisation in your website and would like to know a little more before committing yourself, then the following websites may help you and/or contact me to arrange a free "no obligation" consultation.

Keywords & Key Phrases

Keywords and key phrases take careful planning throughout the design process and ideally should vary between the pages. Your keywords should be relevant to your business, reflect the keywords used in the coding and be used frequently (but not too often to be repetitive), within your content. The use of too many keywords or use of the same keywords on every page can also be penalised by some major search engines. If this is done properly there will be no need for hours and hours of costly keyword density analysis.

Many website designers, in particular those offering cheap websites, are saying that keywords in meta tags (within your html code) are no longer relevant.

I take every step to effectively optimise your code (page titles, descriptions, meta tags, headings, links, file names, etc.) but I am also on hand to advise you with writing your keywords into your content.

NOTE: It is recommended that your keywords and key phrases are reviewed and updated regularly. See my Website Maintenance Page

Internal & External Links

All search engine spiders and crawlers love links. Easy to navigate, relevant and popular links can really help your website to reach the top positions in the search engine results, whilst websites loaded with hundreds of links to any old sites can send your website soaring back down the pages. It is far better to have a few links to high-ranking, fresh and popular websites that are appropriate to your business, than to have lots of links to poor, low-ranking or irrelevant sites.

Search engines love back links even more. High-ranking websites that link back to you can be very helpful and can really give your website a boost. In some cases it is worth linking with really good high-ranking websites even if they are your competition. The more prime sites that you can get linking back to you, the better.

You should be prepared to do some research and work on this element of your website design requirements, though if you find this all a bit too daunting, I will be happy to advise or help you.

NOTE: It is recommended that your links are tested, reviewed and if appropriate, added to, regularly. See my Website Maintenance Page

Load Speed and Performance

Google also considers load speed when ranking your website and the faster your website loads the better chance you have of achieving your goal of high results in the search engines. For example, uploading lots of photos 3000 pixels wide by 1500 pixels long will slow the loading speed of your website right down. Unfortunately, many amateur website designers still do this and many cheap templates and website design software packages don't restrict the size. During optimisation I use the best coding practices for all your graphic requirements and run your website through speed and performance tests.

Search Engine Registration

So, your website looks great, it has been fully optimised, tested and debugged and has just been published on the internet. However, time goes by and you cannot find it. This is because, although your website has been published the search engines have to be told it is there. This is called search engine registration and is another essential element of optimisation. Without search engine registration it is unlikely your website will appear on the internet.

Search engine requirements for registration vary considerably with some requesting a simple submission of your domain name and others requesting that you register and supply varying snippets of information. Following on from this, some search engines send you an e-mail requesting that you confirm submission within a certain period and may also ask that you re-register your domain name periodically.

If you have opted to take your website on disc and wish to arrange your own hosting, you must be prepared to do some research and spend some time on registering your domain name with the search engines. If you are arranging your hosting with Sites Web the initial registration will be done for you whether in english, french or both.

NOTE: For optimum performance of your website, your domain name should be re-submitted to the search engines periodically. See my Website Maintenance Page

Optimisation of French Web Pages

Obviously, french web pages will require different keywords both in the code and the website content. It is also recommended to register the website with the french search engines i.e.

As part of my service, when designing a french website or translating existing english pages into french, this can all be done for you.

Take a look at the side-bar snippet or visit the french Toubon Law Website relating to the use of the french language in advertisements.

If you would like a free no obligation consultation regarding any element of website design or a free SEO analysis of your current website or if you just have a question or would like to leave some feedback please do not hesitate to   e-mail me    comment on my blog   or give me a ring on 0555 08 48 89.