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Take a free initial consultation with me at your computer, during which time, using live examples on the internet, I will demonstrate exactly what is needed for your website to be successful. I will show you exactly what I am able to offer you through my personalised service and I will explain why I take many extra steps to ensure that your website is designed, registered and optimised down to the smallest detail.

for the limited budget

I can create, optimise and host a 3-5 page semi-static business blog website for around €200-€400 if your budget is limited. However, with a blog website your options are much more restrictive and I would only suggest using this type of website if you run a small business and have time available to perform regular updates.


There are hundreds of handheld devices, sharing around forty different browsers, which don't all display HTML and CSS in the same way.

The mobile web is still in it's adolescence and whilst it is developing rapidly, many handhelds do not support large images, features and slideshows.

Until the mobile web matures, I recommend separate stylesheets, which instruct the browsers to display a very simple and scaled down version of your website (miniaturistion), rather than the alternative of adapting all your web pages to the individual type handheld devices (mobilisation). Though it may have more limitations, miniaturisation will be much easier on your budget.


With a Content Management System (CMS) you are in complete control of all your own website content and maintenance. The only things you can't change are the main design and layout or the critical functions.

CMS websites can be very costly in terms of both time and money and are best suited to large corporations or forums who have staff to populate the content. Therefore, I do not deal with CMS and prefer to leave these types of systems to the large professional design companies.

Website Design and Development

First Impressions Are Crucial

The internet is the first place many potential clients will look when searching for a product, a service, a place to go or for information. So, you need a professional website that:

is ahead of your competition in the search engine results
attracts visitors and keeps them interested
encourages vistors to explore your individual web pages
displays clearly and logically who you are and what you do
is fast to load and easy to navigate
makes it easy for potential customers to contact you
converts your visitors into paying customers

At Sites Web every possible step is taken to ensure that your new website or website make-over achieves complete success.

Website Design from Scratch ~ Template Free

All my website designs are unique and individually created from scratch to client specifications:

• preferred layout (1, 2 or 3 column, left or right sidebar, heading,)
• colour and fonts (see FAQ's What info should I provide? for more details)
• photographs and images (see My Portfolio Page for more ideas)
• navigation menus and links (horizontal or vertical buttons or lists,)

You want your website to rank high on ALL major search engines. Googlebots and search engine crawlers are not interested in your eye-catching design and indeed, most of them don't recognise your photos and graphics. It is keyword rich coding and content that matters as well as a fast loading website. Similarly, different browsers and varying screen sizes may read and display certain elements of a website slightly differently, such as font type, font size, headings, etc.

There are numerous other technical factors to consider during the design stage of a website and I ensure that all of these are accounted for during the creation of your website. Therefore, you can rest assured that your new website will be:

• search engine friendly
• compatible with all main browsers (Google, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)
• optimised in terms of speed and performance
• fluidly coded to allow for variations in screen size and resolution

Website Upgrades and Makeovers

If your current website looks out-dated and tired and/or is not achieving a high position in search engine results, then a website makeover could be just what you need to give your business a boost. This is the perfect opprtunity to add new features, improve it's performance, give it a new modern look and/or upgrade the code and optimisation.

If you would like more information on a website makeover simply book one of my Free Online Consultations and I will provide you with an analysis of your current website.

Blog Pages and Blog Sites

Blog Pages and Blog Sites, (not to be confused with CMS based websites) can be a useful addition to any static website, large or small. It can have it's own domain name and be separate from, but linked to, your main website.

Benefits of a Blog:
• you can easily post snippets such as news articles, special offers and upcoming events
• you can share photographs or other forms of media
• your customers can post feedback on your product or services
• you can create simple static pages
• search engines love blogs and kept regularly updated your blog can help your search engine rankings
• you can have total control over the content of your blog pages

I can easily create a couple of blog pages for you to add to your website. Alternatively, if you have a small part-time business and a limited budget I can create a small "Blog Site" with a couple of static pages as an alternative to a full 5-10 page website.

Websites in English and French

Whether you live in the Charente, the Dordogne, Limousin, South West France or, in fact, anywhere in England or France; or whether your target audience is english, french or both, I can reproduce your website (and individually optimise it) for both languages.

Your website layout, colour scheme, photographs, graphics, features, etc. are already in place, and apart from some french optimisation in the html code and registration with the french search engines, it is mostly a simple matter of cut and paste. Therefore a translation of your web pages into french need not be costly unless you wish your french website to look totally different.

In fact, if you provide the textual content your website pages can be reproduced in any European language you like, as the elements of code used in HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript use a universal language.

IMPORTANT!! Website Advertising and French Law

If you are foreigner selling a product or a service in France, regardless of whether you live in the country or not, then it is assumed that you are also selling to the french public. Therefore, you have a legal obligation to have a french version of all your advertising, including your website.

Whilst this law is not actively pursued, there are cases where a french person has taken offence and made a complaint against an english business in France for not advertising their services in french. If you are unlucky and one day get a complaint made against you the consequences can have a devastating effect on your business. Depending on the leniency of the court you could face anything from receiving a fine and being forced to reproduce everything in french to having a licence revoked and/or your business temporarily closed down.

The Toubon Law (LOI no 94-655 of 4 August 1994 relating to usage of the French language) is a law of the French government mandating the use of the French language in official government publications, in all advertisements, in all workplaces, in commercial contracts, in all government-financed schools, and some other commercial communication contexts.

If you would like a free no obligation consultation regarding any element of website design or a free SEO analysis of your current website or if you just have a question or would like to leave some feedback please do not hesitate to   e-mail me    comment on my blog   or give me a ring on 0555 08 48 89.