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Take a free initial consultation with me at your computer, during which time, using live examples on the internet, I will demonstrate exactly what is needed for your website to be successful. I will show you exactly what I am able to offer you through my personalised service and I will explain why I take many extra steps to ensure that your website is designed, registered and optimised down to the smallest detail.


Advertise your business on Discover South West in english and/or french for as little as €30 per year. So simple to do too!! Just click on the "Place ad3 link on the site, complete the form and pay easily and securely by Paypal. Your advert includes a photo, a paragraph of text, a links to your website, facebook, blog, etc and your contact details.

Of course, for clients of Sites Web, inclusion in Discover South West France is free.


All professional slideshows used in my website designs are pure Javascript plug-ins from Menu, a company specialising in slideshows for website developers.

If you would like professional slideshows on your web page(s), there is an obligatory one-off licence fee of €20 for your website. The licence fee is for the lifetime of your domain name and covers your website not the slideshow, so you can have as many slideshows as you like in any combination.


Would you like a photographer to take high-resolution digital images for your website slideshows to show your products or services at their best?

Whether you want distance shots to show off the countryside surrounding your venue, or close-up photos to show the texture or fine detail in a piece of art, I highly recommend Sean Williams.



Nikki at UTLT says...
"Hey Viv! We’re really pleased with both the blog and the new-look website! Easy to manage for me and easy to navigate for the visitors! Great job! Thanks xx"

Kirk at La Maison Neuve says...
"We are really pleased with the site, big thanks, what a clever girl to come up with our site address. well done. You have done a fab job, not only the construction but also the description. Thank you very much."

Website Design Portfolio

Specially designed for you

All my website designs are created to your specifications, as the needs of every business varies considerably. The most fantastic and eye-catching layout and colour scheme created for a late night discotheque would look awful if used for a site showcasing landscape paintings and vice versa. You want your website to:

reflect your business and be unique
stand out from those of your competitors
be interesting and memorable

Feel free to visit and explore my websites, get an idea of the variations in colour, navigation and features and have a play with the interactive slideshows. Any feedback you have is welcome on my blog page.

Under The Lime Tree Spa B&B, Charente

website for UTLT, Charente, France This 24 page website has been designed for a spa B&B in the Charente, which has en-suite, gite, tipi and bunk accommodation; offers a variety of holistic treatments; specialises in vegetarian and vegan cooking and runs a whole host of craft workshops. To add variety between the pages without being confusing the website keeps it's layout throughout but contains various slideshows and galleries to showcase Nikki's ecclectic mix of services and activities and Sean's amazing photography at their best. This website is a great one to visit if you are considering professional slideshows.

Forest Lake Carp Fishing, Dordogne

website for Forest Lake Carp Fishing, Dordogne, France This website is designed to combine some good visual photography with informational and relevant text for exclusive fishing lake hire in the Dordogne. The aims were to produce an easy-on-the-eye light design within a small budget, though I must admit, with several pages to consider, creating interesting slideshows of fish was a challenge and I have achieved that for my client by alternating, fish, the lake, tackle, and incorporating some sunset shots.

Discover South West France

website for Discover South West France, Website Advertising, Charente, Limousin, Dordogne Designed about 6 years ago to provide tourist information in the Charente, Limousin and Dordogne regions of South West France, this is my own website and has always achieved a high position in all the search engines. I have adapted the site to offer advertising services in a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate and logically organised manner to be launched at the beginning of 2015.

website for Discover South West France, Website Advertising, Charente, Limousin, Dordogne LATEST NEWS:
The Discover South West France website has now undergone it's total transformation, and is now brighter, fresher and very easy to develop and grow with advertising needs. It includes extra navigation to ensure the visitor can find exactly what they are looking for with just a couple of clicks whilst at the same time advertisers can place there publicity in just 2 simple steps - click a link to fill in a form and pay easily and securely with Paypal.

La Maison Neuve, Dordogne

website for La Maison Neuve Prestige Property For Sale, Dordogne One of the main objectives of this website design (in english and french) for a large prestige property for sale in the Dordogne, was to highlight the quality and attention to detail from the renovations to the small finishing touches, which rarely come across when a house is included in an estate agents portfolio of lots of properties. The background and colour scheme are kept light and neutral to emphasise the photographs, which are sleekly displayed in professional slideshows.

COMING SOON, Maison de Lavande Brocante

website for Maison de Lavande Emporium de Maison, Brocante and Bric-a-Brac ~ Limousin, France This design is very simple but very effective, Using a fairly neutral background to focus the eye on the photographs of the products rather than the website design iteself. A very important factor for a shopping website selling high quality, unusual and often unique, items for the home.

Follow us on facebook and /or our blog to follow the development of the site and find out when the site is launched.

Forms and Online Shopping

website for php Forms, Limousin, France From simple contact forms to customer feedback, I can create your form(s) to meet your specifications. even a more complicated form for making a reservation or sending information directly to your email address.
For a more professional look to your website your form(s) can be designed to match the style of your website as, in the example on the left, for Discover South West France.

website for php Forms, Limousin, France From simple single price items to items with size options and varying prices and from setting up your paypal account (if neccessary) to including your post and packing charges, if a well-optimised, professional paypal shopping site is what you need then you are in the right place.
Please contact me for a free consultation or further details.

Premium Slideshows

For extra interactivity or a sleek professional look on your main website pages then premium professional zoom slideshows, thumbnail slideshows, content sliders, etc offer lots of extra options. With the obligatory licence (see side-bar) you can have as many slideshows and variations as you like on your website, however, the scripting language only allows for one per page.

Photographs courtesy of Sean Williams, Under The Lime Tree

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A Great Professional Slideshow

This pure Javascript slideshow demonstrates just one of several ways that your photos, thumbnails and text can work together.

A Great Showcase Carousel

The perfect way to showcase your products or for when your images need a little more than a caption.

Browser Compatible

All professional slideshows are compatible with all major browsers (including ie6+, Firefox, Google Chrome, opera, Safari) and iphone / ipad.

Great for Adding Interactivity

Visitors can click on thumbnails to jump to an intem of interest or use the nav buttons to play and pause.

Fully Customisable

All professional slideshows can be customised to your website requirements ~ size, orientation, backgrounds, borders, etc.

SEO Friendly

The markup code is valid HTML and all website content can be easily search engine optimised.

See side-bar regarding obligatory licence fee for professional slideshows by Feel free to visit their website and explore their demos. I can easily tweak and adapt any of their slideshows to meet your requirements.

If you would like a free no obligation consultation regarding any element of website design or a free SEO analysis of your current website or if you just have a question or would like to leave some feedback please do not hesitate to   e-mail me    comment on my blog   or give me a ring on 0555 08 48 89.